Adidas Trainer \Adidas Trainer \ 751b87b - 5 Hair Routines That Work for Me Michelle Smith

I sometimes feel like just because I take pictures of my fine natural hair styled to the nines that people think it looks great all of the time. Detour…..I’m L(ing)OL here! My fine hair has as many issues and concerns as the next gal. I just didn’t think you all

Adidas Trainer \Adidas Trainer \ 751b87b - An Effective Way to Test Out New Hair Gels Michelle Smith

Having fine natural hair, it’s easy to lay my edges. Even with the ease of smoothing and laying down my edges, I still carefully choose the gels I use to accomplish the job. Since high manipulation can cause breakage on fine hair, I keep my styling options limited. There’s three

Adidas Trainer \Adidas Trainer \ 751b87b - Adidas Trainer \Adidas Trainer \ 751b87b Quick Ways to Add Henna to Your Hair Regimen Michelle Smith

There are so many ways you can add henna to your natual hair regimen if that’s something that interests you. In this video I share the many ways you can add henna to your natural hair regimen that go beyond just doing a straight full strength henna treatment. For many,

Adidas Trainer \Adidas Trainer \ 751b87b - Styling Products I Stay Away From as a Fine Haired Natural Michelle Smith

With fine hair, you have to be careful what styling products you use because many products weigh our hair down. What styling product works for one person’s hair may not work for yours…especially if it’s fine. The best thing you can do is engage in a bit of trial and